Everything around us is seeking for our attention and attempting to shape our world view, vision and values.  

When we gather on Sundays for our time of corporate worship through song, prayer and scripture, it gives us an opportunity to refocus our hearts and minds on God and join with others who are doing the same.

We believe our Sunday gatherings are a vital part of our Christian journey in growing to reflect God and the values of His kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

Our Sunday Services are being held remotely for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. To get access to our service, just send us your name and email address.

Check out the links below to get a preview of our Sunday gathering, including Zoom details, worship, teaching, communion, prayer, kids program, and access information.

What to Expect

First time visitor? We know meeting people over Zoom isn’t even close to as cool as in person, but we still want you to feel welcome and at home in our service! Here’s what you can expect on most Sundays.

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Time & Access

We meet on Zoom at 10:30am. To get the service link just send us your name and email address or text “Service” to 917.920.3922

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Gallery Kids

We offer a safe and fun online environment for kids to play and learn about the Gospel before service on Sundays.

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What to Expect

Family Time

Each Sunday we split up into Zoom breakout rooms to actually say hi to each other! Cameras and mics come on for a couple minutes and it’s a blast. No pressure to participate your first time though – feel free to leave your mic and camera off and eavesdrop on the people talking…

Get Connected

We’ll announce upcoming events and ways to get connected at Gallery. We invite new guests to text “Welcome” to 917.920.3922 so we can connect with you and keep you in the loop. 


Expect to find live music (often lead by MJ, our Worship Pastor) made up of contemporary Christian songs and traditional hymns. We will also have readers from our community incorporate liturgies and scripture into the service. The words are shared to your screen so you can follow along even if you don’t know the songs or readings.


One person from the pastoral staff teaches from the Bible, speaking clearly to both Christians and non-Christians, connecting spiritual teaching to everyday, practical experiences. The teachings are usually 25-30 minutes. 

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Some Sundays we participate in the celebration of the Lord’s Table (also known as the Lord’s Supper / Holy Eucharist) after the teaching. All professing Christians are welcome to take part in this symbolic meal of bread and wine. Consider having a bread and wine/grape juice equivalent on hand for Sundays.


At the end of our service we’ll send a link where you can submit a prayer request, Our Prayer and Pastoral Teams pray over these requests each week. You can submit a Prayer Request here as well.

Kid’s Program

Our children’s ministry, Gallery Kid, provides an online program for preschoolers (ages 2–4) and elementary students (Grades K–5) directly before the Sunday Gathering (starting at 9:45am) with a dedicated and trained team of teachers. Just text “Kid” to 917.920.3922 and we’ll make sure you get the link.

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Time & Location


Our Sunday Services are being held remotely for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. Just send us your name and email address and we’ll send you the Zoom link. Want to join a House Church? Read more here.


10:30 AM: Sunday Service begins

11:40 AM: Sunday Service ends

12:00 AM: House Churches meet

Gallery Kids

Our children’s ministry, Gallery Kids, seeks to help all children in their relationship with Christ by providing a fun, loving & educational atmosphere where they are fully accepted as children created in the image of God. Our Sunday environments are high in energy and full of love!

Gallery Kid is held directly before service at 9:45am. Text “Kid” to 917.920.3922 and we’ll get you the link.

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