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A community of faith that seeks to display God’s grace & love to the city

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10:30 AM at 350 W. 26th Street, NY, NY 10001
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Current Sermon Series:

God of this City

God loves cities. In fact, He is the designer of the concept. It’s easy to come to a city like NY and think she exists for our purpose and glory.  But what if we didn’t pick NYC? What if she was selected for us by God? That would mean we need the city more than the city might need us. Join us for this 3 part sermon series.

Who We Are

We’re gospel centered

The gospel simply means good news. In other words, the gospel is not something we do but has been done for us. It’s the good news that we are loved by God and made sons and daughters not through our effort or moral good works, but by the sheer grace of God through the substitutionary death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And everything we do as a church will stem from that good news!

We’re about loving God

If God exists and we were created for His purposes & in His image, then knowing this God and being in relationship with Him is a priority. We actually believe it’s the ultimate priority. And loving God isn’t as daunting as it might seem. This community exists to help you on that journey.

We’re about loving others

As a church, we believe having a relationship with God naturally lends itself to loving those whom God has created — everyone! All humans are image bearers of God and the greatest way to reveal God’s love to the world is for us to display that love through kindness, generosity, service and sharing our own story of redemption.